Curtain Fabric Types

4 Tips to Select Curtains: Step-by-step Instructions

Choosing curtains for your home can be a daunting task, but we are here to help! We have compiled some interesting tips that will make the process easy and enjoyable.

Follow our step-by-step instructions to find the curtain style and color of your dreams:

  • Determine what you want from your curtains
  • Match colors with paint swatches
  • Measure windows or doorways to determine the length needed
  • Research fabric types and textures online

If you need help, there are many curtain selection tips online. If you are on a budget, shop at stores with low prices to get maximum value for your money! Make sure the curtains fit the windows or doors perfectly by measuring them before buying. Look up fabric types and textures online to find out what they feel like in order to determine which ones suit your style best. Hiring an interior designer is a great solution for those who do not have the time or patience to figure it out on their own.

Now we will discuss these instructions in detail

Determine what you want from your curtains

Do you want to make your room appear larger or are you looking for curtains that will block out light? Are they purely functional, decorative objects in the room with no special purpose? There is a big difference between curtains that allow natural sunlight into a living space and curtains that reduce it. Therefore, before buying new ones make sure you understand the main purpose and where you want to fit them.

Match curtain colors with paint swatches

Choose a color for your curtains that matches with paint swatches on the wall, if possible. This will help create continuity in decor throughout the room.

You need to consider how well the curtains will be able to match with furniture and decor in the room. You can also:

– Determine whether you want your curtains to stand out, or blend into walls and other items.

– Think about the size of your windows and how much coverage you want from curtains.

– Consider the shape of your windows and how much space you need to fill.

-Look at natural light entering through windows; this can affect what colors may look best.

Look at color schemes in the room and consider what colors you may want to add with curtains. This can be done by painting walls a lighter or darker shade than they already are, adding new throw pillows, etc., so that when looking around the space there is more harmony between items.

Measure windows or doorways to determine the length needed

The next thing that you can do is to measure doors or windows to determine the exact length needed for the curtain.

Depending on the style, the width and length of curtains can vary making them useful for almost any space.

After deciding what size you will need to order online, it is important to check your measurements three times before ordering new ones or cutting old ones off. You want to make sure they fit perfectly! If this is difficult, hire an interior designer so they can make sure you are satisfied with the results.

Research fabric types and textures online

Choose your curtain fabric type based on how much light you want to filter into the room. Curtains come in two basic types – sheer fabrics which are lightweight and semi-transparent, or heavier materials like velvet curtains that block out more sunlight. Select a texture according to your decorating taste!


In a nutshell, curtains offer a great way to enhance the visual appeal of homes. They provide privacy and insulation from external noise as well as temperature changes. So curtain selection is an important task that should not be overlooked or compromised upon without proper research. These tips will help you choose the right curtains for your home with ease!

If you are not sure which curtain fabric and style is suitable for your interior needs then always take the help of a well-reputed curtain store in your local area. They will help you in this!

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