Curtains for beach house

8 Tips to Decorate a Beach House with Curtains

No matter what type of curtains you want to hang in your beach house, there are four important things that you need to consider. These include color, pattern, fabric, and shape.

To help you with this process we have created 8 tips for decorating a beach house with curtains:

  • Choose curtain colors that match the walls and furniture of the room
  • Hang window treatments on either side of windows or doors
  • Use different types of shapes such as square or rectangular styles to avoid monotony
  • Coordinate patterns so they don’t compete against each other
  • Choose fabrics based on their durability and weight
  • Choose Different shapes
  • Use Sheer and Roman Shade Curtains
  • Use Curtain Panels

Now we will discuss these and some additional tips one by one in detail. So, let’s dive in deep and make your curtain ideas more creative, unique, and stylish.

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Match Curtain color with wall paint and Theme

The first tip is to use the same color of curtains as wall paint for beach houses. It looks very fresh and can completely change the look of your beach house. If you are not sure what color to use, go with white or light gray curtains.

If you already have beach house decor, matching curtains color with it will look great. For example, a white curtain looks perfect for a summer beach home design. If your room is full of warm colors like yellow or red, go with blue or green color for the curtains.

Match Curtain style with the beach house interior decoration

The second tip is matching curtain styles and patterns to your interior design for a beach house décor. For example, if your living room has rustic decorating elements like wooden tables and chairs, go with a rustic curtain style.

Choose different shapes for beach house curtains

The third tip is to use varied types of curtain styles and patterns if you choose them based on your interior design or decorating theme. For example, in the case of using a rectangular curtain shape, you can change the pattern from a solid color to plaids or stripes.

If you choose curtains with bold patterns, use light-colored furniture to balance the look of your beach house decorating theme.

Choose fabrics based on their durability and weight

The fourth tip is choosing curtain fabrics that are durable or have a strong fabric weave so they can last for years without fading or tearing up too quickly. The ideal weight for curtains is between 50 and 100 grams per square meter. You can also go with a cotton-polyester blend fabric that comes in vibrant colors.

Use Sheer Curtains

The sixth tip is to use sheer curtains in front of big windows for beach houses. The sheer curtain will give you enough privacy without blocking sun rays from entering your home or office building. You can also add some light color like white, cream or ivory with small dots on it that looks very soothing.

Floor Length Curtains

Another unique tip is to use floor-length curtains in beach houses. It will make your room look big and airy while giving it a very classic appearance. You can also add lace or crochet around curtain edges that can give your beach house a very elegant appearance.

Roman Shade Curtains

– Fourth tip is to use roman shade for beach houses with large windows facing the sea or ocean. It will help you in blocking direct sunlight from entering the room and also enhance home decor by introducing lace, fabric belts, or tassels on its bottom edge.

Use Curtain Panels

The fifth tip is to use curtain panels for beach houses. It will give your home a very sophisticated look with its simple design and classic color combination like black, brown, or gray.

Final Words:

So these were the eight best tips that you can choose from while decorating a beach house with curtains. I hope it helped you in getting some good ideas about beach house decor. Also, if you are looking to buy quality curtains for your beach house then always contact a reputed curtain shop for better results.

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