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10 Best Curtain Styles Of 2021 – Colors, Prints, And Fabrics

Curtains can instantly enhance or detract the interior decor of your home. So you have to select on the top modern curtains (styles, designs, fabrics) of 2021 to ensure that you have the best interior style inside your home. We will look at colors, prints, and fabrics for curtains that will be the talk of the town this year. Read on and see the best curtain ideas for 2021 are before you go curtain shopping for your home.

10 Best Curtain Styles Of 2021

 1. The Best Colors


Muted and earthy tones are the raging trend right now when it comes to interior decoration. This becomes more relevant for curtains. You can go with neutral shades like earthy green, light yellow, and other dusty shades that can complement the rest of the decoration pieces inside your house.

 2. Monochromatic Curtains


You don’t want to block out all the natural light coming into your house in some instances. This is where sheer curtains with monochrome colors are a perfect choice. You can easily place Sheer curtains in a living room or bedroom. The advantages of choosing sheer monochrome curtains: they are more affordable than other types of curtains in the market – and can complement other curtains or window treatments you may already have in your room.

 3. Blackout Curtains In 2021


The irresistible shades of blackout curtains make them a necessity in many situations. In bedrooms, blackout curtains show their biggest benefits. They can completely block out light and give the maximum amount of privacy. They help in keeping the temperature regulated by helping AC or heating air inside the room, reducing your energy consumption.

 4. 2021 Linen Fabric Curtains


Linen is an eco-friendly fabric that is growing in popularity thanks to its low carbon footprint. Linen curtains are both durable and aesthetically beautiful. The fabric is lightweight, which is why it looks almost sheer at times and has a flowy look to it – this gives the whole room a relaxed feeling.

 5. Trendy Curtain Prints


Now let’s talk about the curtain prints that will be taking over interior design in 2021. Wave patterns, leafy and botanical patterns, and Morrocan patterns are rising in popularity. Combining them with the right shade and type of curtain, you can achieve a tranquil feel in your home.

6. Contemporary Curtains


Modern curtain styles are moving away from flashy trends of the past into more sober and muted patterns and designs. Subtle floral patterns in pastel shades are the favorite options of homeowners and interior designers alike. 

 7. Abstract Luxury Curtains


If you want something different and more luxurious patterns in your curtains, you can forgo the botanical prints and go with abstract patterns instead. They can mix well with other curtains and blend with the overall decor of the room. The stunning designs on these curtains can immediately shift the whole interior environment.

 8. Layered Curtains


One of the few modern trends in window coverings is layered curtains. Interior decorating lovers can satiate their style pallet by mixing and matching different layers of curtains for their windows. Put sheer floaty curtains with thick blackout curtains with matching patterns and raise the aesthetics of your room to a new level. And with layered curtains, you can choose any combination your heart desires, essentially customizing your window coverings in a unique way.

 9. Tassels Are In


These old classic curtains are making a strong comeback in 2021. Tassel curtains come in different types, the most popular being pom tassels. They are attractive and fun at the same time. These curtains can be made in various fabrics, usually linen, and you can get variations of tassels sewn on them. They make for an excellent bedroom curtain.

10. Looking For Curtain Alternatives In 2021?


Do you want to give your living room or bedroom a more airy feel? You can achieve that with the help of curtain alternatives. Curtains are a beautiful addition to any interior. Still, they do take up a little more space than other window coverings. So if you are short on space and are looking for something other than curtains, you should go with one of the following:

  • Blinds
  • Shades
  • Shutters

These come in many shades and styles that you can choose from. They are cost-effective and more portable than curtains.

Found the perfect 2021 curtain ideas for your home? We hope the information above will help you create the interior that you will love and the curtains that will tie everything together magnificently.

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