Living room Curtain Ideas

Best Curtains Ideas For Living Room

Beautiful living room curtains can give your room an elegant, charming, or contemporary look. Modern living room curtains are available in many stylish patterns, colors, and materials. There is definitely a modern curtain design that will complement almost any decor. A little knowledge about curtain design will help you make the right choice. Here are some living room tips to help you choose the right curtain design:

Decide On Your Wall Color First: 

If you have a modern or contemporary-themed living room, use a bold contrasting paint color. If your living room is more of a country theme, opt for a soft natural wall colour like cream, or a pale shade of green. A plain white curtain in a bold color will make the room feel timeless. 

Choose Curtains According to Window Size:

Choose curtains for your living room according to your window size. Check the measurements of your windows before choosing curtains for your living room. You can find window dressers and curtains in any size from small to extra large. Be sure to measure both the length and width of your windows. Many retailers now carry curtains in all kinds of sizes – from small baby windows to extra large commercial windows.

If you are living in a single-story home or an apartment building, consider the look of your living room windows before selecting curtains. Vertical or mini blinds work well with vertical windows and they make the most of any open plan living space. Blinds are very versatile, and you can find different styles and colors to compliment your living room decor. 

Many people use chiffon curtains for their windows because they add a subtle touch of elegance.

Select them as per your wall colour:

You should choose your curtains for your living room based on your wall colour. Most people choose dark colours for their walls, but you may want to think twice about this. Dark wall colours will make your room look darker than it actually is. Consider using light coloured curtains for this effect. You can also add some patterned or printed curtains if you want to add some interest.

Select Right Curtain Fabric:

Fabrics made of real cotton are soft, durable and stylish, but there are also many different kinds of synthetic fabric that are equally at home in the living room as they are on your clothes hangers. The real fabrics are much more expensive but they last longer and they are easy to take care of. If you can’t afford real fabric, you can easily make do with faux wall colors that are as good looking like the real thing but won’t cost nearly as much.

Some fabrics for curtains are made of a material that will only color fade over time. Others blend in beautifully with your furniture and home and will look like they are permanently stuck to your walls. The type of fabric you choose is very important and depends entirely on your preferences. 

Remember though, that curtains, in general, will fade with time and sunlight so choose one that you can keep clean.

If you want the curtain to block as much light as possible, then opt for those that have a PVC backing. These will block out as much light as possible and give you privacy if you need it. If you are not concerned about privacy but want a curtain that has a certain look, you can choose pleated curtains that will allow sunlight to filter through them. If you want a very specific kind of look, then there are customized options for you as well.

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