Girls Room Painting Ideas

How to pick the perfect paint color for your girl’s bedroom

There are a few things you need to take into account when choosing the perfect paint color for your little girl’s bedroom. You’ll want to choose something that is both fun and colorful, but also calming and relaxing. In Addition to this, you’ll also want to make sure that the color you choose compliments the rest of the room’s decor.

One of the best ways to choose the perfect paint color for your girl’s bedroom is to start by looking at her favorite things. What are her favorite colors? Which colors does she gravitate towards when she’s looking at toys or clothes? Once you have a general idea of the colors she likes, you can begin to narrow down your choices.

Some other important tips for picking the perfect paint color include:

Paint Color selection according to the personality


Choose a color that reflects your daughter’s personality. If she is adventurous and outgoing, consider a bright, bold color like red or orange. If she is more introspective and calm, go with a softer hue like green or blue. If she is more introverted, choose a softer hue. 

Consider the Mood of your Girl


Consider the mood you want to create in the room. Do you want it to be energetic and fun? Relaxing and calming? Or somewhere in between? Mood can be just as important as color when choosing paint for your girl’s bedroom.

Mood Factors


Make sure you are checking:

  • Washability and Smell of Paint

Likes and Dislikes


Take your daughter’s likes and interests into account. If she loves nature, consider painting the room with a soft green or blue hue. If she is into princesses and pink, go with a light pink or lavender color.



Don’t be afraid to experiment! Sometimes the best way to find the perfect paint color is to test out several different shades before making a final decision. Ask your daughter for her opinion on each one, and see which one makes her feel most comfortable and happy.

Light Factor


Once you’ve chosen a color, think about the light in the room. A bright color will look different at different times of the day, depending on how much sunlight it is exposed to. If you’re not sure how the paint color will look in the room, take a picture of the wall with your phone and try different colors in the photo editor app.

In Addition to this, the type of lighting in the room will also affect the paint color you choose. If the room gets a lot of natural light, you can go with a brighter, more vibrant color. If the room is on the darker side, you might want to consider a lighter, more muted color.

Test the paint color on the wall


Finally, be sure to test the paint color on a small section of the wall before painting the entire room. This will help you make sure you’re happy with the final result.

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